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Welcome to Cherokee’s Handmade Soap Company

Thank you for your interest in purchasing our soaps. We are a handmade soap company based out of Indiana/ Northern Kentucky. Here at Cherokee’s Handmade Soaps, our products are all handmade and the ingredients we use are completely earth friendly. We use no palm oils in our products after seeing what devastation it caused by palm oil plantations in Southeastern Asia. Our soaps are great alternatives to harsh soaps out there on the market today. They provide moisture, softness and great smelling skin, the natural way. Our products encourage health and healing. They awaken the senses and promote self-awareness. If your store bought soaps leave your skin feeling tight and dry, we encourage you to give Cherokee’s Handmade Soaps a try. We deliver a product that ensures your skin will be more moisturized, healthier, and cleaner.

As a handmade soap company, we enjoy filling orders for all your needs including weddings, showers or any other great event you may have. We also do Motel/Hotel soaps for your Company/Business. As always here at Cherokee’s Handmade Soaps we guarantee our products.


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